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If elected to the Pedernales Electric Cooperative Board of Directors, I will “Make PEC Priority #1”.  As a retired businessman, I will be a full time Director.  I will dedicate my time to working for you, the Members.  

Holding a Director position comes with an enormous responsibility that clearly impacts the business direction of PEC.  Decisions made by the Board must incorporate not only sound business judgement but also the ethics and social responsibility which represents those of the Membership. 

The focus of PEC's mission is to serve, and act in the best interest of, its collective Membership.  A Director must take the time to listen to individual Member concerns in order to fully understand those concerns.  Sure, this can be a time-consuming and daunting task given that District 5 encompasses city, urban and rural areas each with its own unique issues but it is critical to effectively represent this District. Only then can a Director work collaboratively with the other Directors to balance all Membership concerns with the reality of running a business. 

During my corporate career, I fostered open, honest and transparent communication with employees, colleagues, contractors, partners and governmental officials.  If I am elected, I will have the same "open door" policy.  I will take the time to sit down and talk with District 5 Members so that I can understand your individual concerns and issues.  

Executives in businesses, such as the PEC, face constant change requiring a practiced and proven flexibility in addressing evolving technologies, policies, procedures and regulations as well as corresponding capital expense adjustments.  Forward planning based on these dynamics is critical in order to develop strategies that address the impacts of these changes.   Managing change requires experience and a steady hand to avoid missteps. 

Throughout my career I had the benefit of being mentored to meet these types of challenges and developed the ability to analyze and dive deep into the technical, financial, regulatory, environmental and safety aspects that impact executive decision making.  PEC Members deserve to have their cooperative managed by a Board of Directors with solid business expertise and technical skills in order to address the challenges of managing aging infrastructure, new technologies, a rapidly expanding Membership, increasing demands on the electric grid and suppliers with changing power generation methods.  My experience has been gained by having progressive senior management responsibilities and the technical expertise that fits with what the PEC needs as we move forward.  I am dedicated to working towards a balanced and sustainable energy future that provides reliable power and cost stability for PEC Members.

We are living through a time of continuous and rapid change in business and industry that must be thoroughly understood to make the right decisions and it starts with electing Scott Powell to the Board for District 5. 

A VOTE for me will bring dedicated and needed experience to the PEC Board. 


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